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We offer free water testing and a wide variety of water-balancing chemicals for all sanitizing systems.  We also have a huge variety of pool supplies for your pool.

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Pool Treatment Chemicals

Mastering the knack of pool science is not difficult with the right information and a little diligence. As for those readers who are experienced poolside chemists, put this article in the hands of anyone learning the ropes.

Think of the perfect swimming pool and visions of sparkling water and happy swimmers likely dance in your head. Keeping this scene intact involves taking the proper steps to sanitize the pool and prevent any health or aesthetic problems. The water will then remain clear of algae, free of disease causing pathogens and users won’t complain about red eyes or chlorine smell.

If you use chlorine for your home pool, we have the necessary tools to make your job easier. For general pool treatment, chlorine has three essential characteristics: it acts as a rapid and persistent sanitizer, an effective algaecide and a strong oxidizer of undesired contaminants.

Intro to Chlorine

Chlorine is regularly fed into the pool water and should be tested daily — at a minimum — for proper disinfection. Routine chlorination kills harmful microorganisms that can cause health-related problems, such as gastroenteritis, Legionnaires disease, ear infections and athlete’s foot. Learning how to properly test your water will allow you to identify the chlorine residual and demand in pool water. More frequent testing is needed if there is heavy bather use.


BAQUACIL® brand offers two pool care systems to suit your pool and lifestyle, both featuring a 3-step, three product chlorine-free system that is easy to use.

With premium BAQUACIL® pool care products, you can finally achieve the kind of clarity your pool was designed for in the first place. After all, BAQUACIL® brand does away with tedious pool care by enabling you to convert your pool into a chlorine-free, carefree sanctuary in less than 24 hours. The result? Clear, beautiful water that’s gentle on eyes, hair and skin, not to mention pool surfaces and swimsuits.

BAQUACIL’s® chemical structure makes it extremely stable and is not affected by sunlight, temperature or pH fluctuations.

The real advantage behind BAQUACIL® brand is the peace of mind all of our products offer thanks to the brand’s dependable, consistent bacteria control. And less time worrying about bacteria means more time to enjoy fun in the water with your family.

How Much of What?

The guidelines set by The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals are widely used, especially in commercial use, but to be certain, you should also check the health codes of the jurisdiction where you live. The chemicals a pool needs to maintain the required standards differ from pool to pool – and day to day. Keeping records to “get to know” a pool can help you interpret its characteristics and perform the correct task.

Pool Supplies

We carry a huge array of Pool Supplies.  Here is just a few of the things you might find while visiting our store:  Pool and Spa pumps, motors, filters, vacuums and hoses, heaters, thermometers, plumbing fittings, and so much more. We can order solar covers, winter pool covers or liners to fit your specific pool size.  Most people do not realize, but a pool cover can actually save you money.  There are a wide range of advantages of buying a pool cover for your pool, please stop in today to talk to one of our professional pool experts to see how a pool cover can benefit you.

Call us at 603-357-5874 or visit our store (see map)!

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