Saratoga Spas


Saratoga Spas  are built in the USA and are redefining hydrotherapy. Whether your back, neck, hands or feet need that much needed relaxation and therapy, turn to Saratoga Spas.

Call us at 603-357-5874 and we can discuss your options for a new spa!

Special Edition Spas

When considering the Special Edition Line, those who lean towards the necessities that fulfill their desire for hot water relief, along with the added distinction of hydrotherapy that doesn’t leave them wanting, will be the deciding factors. The path to the Special Edition Line provides a design with the proper environment for you and your family. See full lineup.

Luxury Spas

The Saratoga Spa Luxury Line still provides the ultimate in hydrotherapy as well as state of the art conveniences. Through multiple styles, size options, and performance the Luxury Line will provide value and the confidence that you have made the right decision. The tradition of the Luxury Line is for all those who enjoy a little pampering from a busy life. See full lineup.

Call us at 603-357-5874 or visit our store (see map)!

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