Pool Openings

Pool Openings can be a challenge to do each year. At Clearwater we have a great professional staff that can open and close your pool or spa for you each year.

A pool opening includes taking the pool cover off, if there are leaves on the cover we try to keep as many as we can out of the pool. If the water is at the proper level to start the filtration system we will do so. If we encounter a problem and we need to replace an o-ring or a gasket we will repair it at that time (cost of part not included in the pool opening). If the problem is much greater and we need to come back we will inform you and give you an estimate of repair and schedule another service call. If we are unable to start the system, we will make sure to the best of our ability, that all hoses are properly connected so that all the customer will need to do is fill the pool to the appropriate level and turn the system on. Before we leave we will also add the first dose of shock (chemical cost not included in pool opening). After 24 hours of filtration we recommend bringing in a water sample to properly balance your alkalinity, pH and calcium hardness.

Pool Closings

Pool closing are important and should be done correctly to prevent damage to your pool in the winter season.

A pool closing is a service to guarantee that your pool has been properly winterized for the season. We will lower your water level to the appropriate level for your pool, add shock for the winter, disconnect the pump and filter and make sure everything is drained. We put the winter cover or safety cover on and secure it using water bags if your pool is in-ground or with a wire cable if your pool is an above-ground. Please note that not all pools need to be drained down for the winter.

Sand Changing

Sand Changing for your pool should be done on a regular basis. Let us at Clearwater Pool and Spa maintain that for you.

A sand change is a service where Clearwater Pool & Spa comes out to the house and remove the old sand from the filter and replaces it with new sand. Before we put the new sand into the filter we rinse the tank and inspect the internals for any damage. When we inspect the filter we are looking for hairline cracks in the center pipe and the lateral fingers. If the lateral assembly is damaged you will not have optimal filtration and sand will be released into the pool. If we found any cracks and the part is on the truck, we will repair at that time (cost of parts not included). Please note that older filter systems may not be able to have this service performed due to age and parts availability.

Cleaning Pools and Spas

We have monthly, weekly or one time contracts for cleaning your pool or spa.  The contract many times include scrubbing, vacuuming and adding chemicals to your pool or spa.  Also included in the spa contract is a clean, drain and refill of the spa once every 4 months.  Call us for an estimate on what a contract might be for your pool or spa.

Call us at 603-357-5874 or visit our store (see map)!

Technicians, Employees and Certifications

Clearwater certifies and educates staff in the newest technology in pool and spa service and support.

Terry Mark, Owner/Operator, CPO Certified, Techniseal Certified, Certified Paver Installer, Certified Service Technician
Jeremiah Stone, Certified Paver Installer, Techniseal Certified
Steven Marshall, CPO Certified
Mandi Gunseth, CPO Certified
Tannah Fletcher, CPO Certified

Call us at 603-357-5874 or visit our store (see map)!

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