Safety Covers


Many people decide to go without pool covers each year. Would they do that however, if they knew of the many benefits that using a pool cover can provide? Swimming pool covers offer many different advantages that can not only make your daily life easier, but that can save you money while keeping your family safe as well. Here are some of the most common benefits of pool covers.

We will gladly come out and measure your pool so that you get the right size safety cover.  Read on to learn more or stop in today to see how we can help you with your safety cover needs.

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Increased Safety

During the winter months, or anytime your pool is not being used there is a risk of children and small animals falling into the water. To help reduce this risk, you can use a pool cover that will keep children and pets safe and out of the pool. These covers are strong and durable and catch anything that might wander over the water and are strong enough to hold even the weight of an adult. This benefit is especially useful for those who do not already have a fence or other barrier around the swimming pool, thus increasing the safety of your loved ones when the pool is not in use.

Minimized Work

One of the best swimming pool cover advantages is that it can minimize the work that is needed to keep your pool in shape after the colder months and during the regular pool season. When you store your pool for the winter, it can often get debris in it during this time from the surrounding trees, wind, rain, or other elements of the weather. There are different pool covers that can be used to keep out various types of debris when your pool is closed for the winter.

There are frame covers that can be used to pull the surface water and debris off of the top of the pool without letting any of it leak into the water underneath. These are very useful covers because they have up to a 13 inch over hang that makes for easier grasping and removal. On the other hand, mesh and net pool covers can keep people or animals out of your pool.  Whatever you decide, it might be to your advantage to give us a call to find out the advantages of having a cover put on your pool.

Call us at 603-357-5874 or visit our store (see map)!

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