Application for Employment

We are currently looking to hire Sales Staff and Service and Installation technicians. Please fill in the information below. Not all fields are necessary to fill in. If a field is necessary, but you have no information for that field, type in NA in that field. Fill in as accurately as you can. Thank you.

Technicians, Employees and Certifications

Clearwater certifies and educates staff in the newest technology in pool and spa service and support.

Terry Mark, Owner/Operator, CPO Certified, Techniseal Certified, Certified Paver Installer, Certified Service Technician, Certified Hot Tub Technician
Tyler Mark, CPO Certified, Certified Hot Tub Technician, Installation, Service Technician
Angel Crowell, Chief Financial Officer
Barb Aiken, Clerk
Eric Levasseur, Installation
Jeremiah Stone,  CPO Certified, Certified Paver Installer, Techniseal Certified, Installation
John Kampf, CPO Certified, Service Technician
Mandi Gunseth,  CPO Certified, Operations Manager
Michael Davis,  CPO Certified, Certified Maintenance Specialist, Pool/Spa Maintenance
Michele Gorecki, Clerk
Tamryn Myers, CPO Certified, Service Technician
Tannah Fletcher, CPO Certified, Retail Sales Manager
Zachary Johnson, CPO Certified, Installation

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